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New announcements

These are the releases we've issued over the last years:

  • Marts 2012 - New series of switch interfaces are released Lonbox PSW5000. Theses small interfaces are designed to be placed in wall sockets behind low voltage switches. The new devices are low cost based on LonWorks 2.0 technology. Includes flexible switch and scene software functions.

  • January 2012 - Release of the first low-cost Pyxos based I/O module for the new Lonbox PZM5614 intelligent building controller. The Lonbox PYX7040 is a relay module designed for driving 4 sunblind actuator with 230Vac motors (8 relays).

  • December 2011 - Release of a new generation of intelligent building controllers Lonbox PZM5614, the new release includes a complete automation system for office space including DALI controller for lighting. The new controller lowers the price for a office automation system and at the same time expands on flexibility. The controllers also include hi-power Pyxos I/O bus for additional control.

  • February 2011 - Prolon moved the office to a new location. See more details under contact information.

  • April 2010 - Release of a new generation sunblind and window motor controller cuts price by 50 %. The new controller Lonbox PSD5044 operates two motors and has inputs for local control. The controller includes 230Vac power supply and is delivered in a Fibox casing ready for installaion. The controller has a wide range of contiguraiton options, including function for venitian blinds according to sun position and different alarm handling and override possibilities.

  • January 2010 - Release of new ventillation controller PCC60042 with Ethernet + PoE interface allowing for very simple installation in housing estates. The controller is power over the Ethernet cable installation and must therefore only have a single cable from installation. This controller has sensor input for pressure sensor and 0-10V output to control ventillation motor. Several monitoring options is included the device has build-in web server for standalone operation and can be also controller and monitored using BACnet/IP protocol.

  • June 2009 - Release of new building zone control for two office rooms Lonbox PCC4410. This controller does not include light controls, but HVAC control functionallity for heat and cool with either digital or analog outputs (VAV etc). Includes sensor inputs for temperature, CO2, window contact, occupancy and setpoint adjustment. Large range of configuration options.

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